My Role: Host Teacher

Class Type:Kindergarten

Content: Collaboration and learning through literacy.

High Tech Elementary Mesa 

My Role: Team Member

Class Type: 1st-3rd Grade

Content: Science and culturally relevant pedagogy (CRP). 

Community Montessori Charter - Poway

My Role: Team Member

Class Type: TK/Kindergarten

Content : UDL strategies, to increase engagement and intrinsic motivation.


Community Montessori Charter - Santee

(via distance learning)

Master's of Education through Lesson Study 

 What is Lesson Study?

Through my experience, I have seen that lesson study is an opportunity for teachers to collaborate with other educators to create a lesson tailored for their specific student’s. Normally, teachers are not provided time in their work day to collaborate and plan with other teachers, or to dissect and debrief their lessons after it is completed. Lesson study is set up to provide teachers with adequate planning time to produce thoughtful and authentic lessons to suit the needs of their specific students. It allows for teaching to be a practice where mistakes a wonderful opportunity to grow.  

Each cycle begins with a host teacher and a common dilemma amongst group members. The host teacher then intentionally selects 2-4 focus students, and begins to collect data and work to share with their team. The team examines the work and data together and begins to research in areas around the dilemma and or the focus students. The research is shared and dissected each week amongst the team. The team also interviews experts in the field and shares that insight. The team crafts a series of lessons tailored to suit the host's class and specifically, their focus students. One lesson within the series is observed by the whole team, along with an equity commentator. Expectations and hopes for the focus students, and class as a whole are shared. Notes are taken throughout the lesson as certain team members are observing specific focus students, looking for those expected and unexpected behaviors and actions. 


Following the lesson, the host teacher has the first words. They share their experience, highlights, and change ideas. The team celebrates the host, then shares their observations. As a group we debrief and reflect and design any next steps needed. Each cycle culminates with a reflection piece, an annotated bibliography, and a literature synthesis.  These can all be found inside of the lesson study cycle links above. Enjoy! 

M.Ed. In Teaching

and Learning

A video about Lesson Study, created by my cohort!