Lesson Study

Cycle 3

TK & Kindergarten - Distance Learning                                     

UDL strategies to increase engagement and intrinsic motivation 

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Host: Sandy Miedema

Members: Michelina Miedema & Jean Catuby


If we as teachers model executive functioning skills and agency, then students will develop an increased sense of agency, resulting in increased intrinsic motivation.


How can we support TK and Kindergarten students of various levels in developing intrinsic motivation?


Content Goal: Students will be able to ” pronounce, identify, put words in sentences, change into passive, compare, answer, use, match, …. etc ” or any verbs that can be observable and measurable in the classroom.

Equity Goal: Students will create a personalized schedule for distance learning activities that supports their home environment.


Focus Student 1

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 5.55.06 PM.png

Focus Student 2

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 5.56.12 PM.png

Focus Student 3

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 5.56.55 PM.png


Lesson 1

  1. Listen to story about day (beginning middle end)

  2. Children talk about how they can present their days through drawing and writing or other option

  3. Students will work with their parents to create timeline

Lesson 2

  1. Review timeline of distance learning 

  2. Share all learning activities 

  3. Organize on whiteboard

  4. Students find workspace at home to promote concentration

Lesson 3

  1. Students reflect on their choice from previous lesson and share experience

  2. Lesson on scheduling (times of day) (different categories of learning ) 

  3. Models template and filling in schedule

  4. Students create schedule at home

Parent Facing Assignment for Students 

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 6.36.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 6.36.09 PM.png



Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 6.35.54 PM.png


Sandy's response directly after lesson

  • Appreciative of high attendance number for an optional meeting

  • Meaningful space to connect

  • Felt that it went well despite circumstances (technology)

  • Wonderings: level of independence

  • Takeaways: task is a stepping stone towards building intrinsic motivation, students felt a sense of owness over their day

  • Inversion of home/school ratio

Next Step

  • Follow up family-facing survey to track student work habits

  • Interview focus student's to dive deeper into their process 



Asking the students to create their own weekly schedule for home learning finally felt like we had found the perfect task. It incorporates UDL strategies as their visual pictures and multiple ways for students to represent their thinking! They could cut and paste, they could draw, or they could write; the possibilities are endless. Creating a schedule encourages intrinsic motivation, it allows for students to feel in control of their day/week and understand the importance and why behind each task. They are developing pride and ownership by holding the power to decide when and how they would complete their own work, in an order that they independently choose. Finally, the task is high-interest and engaging based off of the interests of students in Sandy’s class. There is plenty of room for creativity and self expression in this task as well.  As a team, we are so proud of the research and development that has culminated into our final lesson study. Each of our three focus students completed the series of lessons. As a team we feel proud of their accomplishments that were made possible by our lesson study. We created an activity where students could make choices and feel in control of their learning. According to student and parent feedback, we feel that our lesson was successful! This activity provided students with the tools to create their own schedule for the rest of distance learning, propelling them towards independence and growth in intrinsic motivation.