Building 'Caroline'



‘Caroline’ is Patricia Delgado’s graduate thesis film at UCLA. Most of this film was shot on location in San Diego in  a bunker in Cabrillo National Monument. The set I constructed was an extension of this war bunker. This project was a challenging endeavor for me because it was built in a rented studio, and not at San Diego State’s studio where supplies, flats and labor are provided. I personally had to hire the entire work crew, rent out all of the tools, and purchase all of the lumber.



The set was a small bedroom, and an art gallery with a large black curtain (which was both in the set and the actual location.) The walls in the gallery were 12 feet tall and the set had a complete ceiling made out of flats. The entire set was plastered and painted to match the bunker at Cabrillo National Monument.  Inside of the Gallery were multiple plinths, an iPad display, and two mounted televisions.