Building 'Box'


The set built for this film box was a 1990’s locker room. This set was built in an on-campus studio at San Diego State University. The majority of the building crew were students taking an introductory class for TV and Film design, in which they are required to put in weekly hours building sets on campus.


We put up walls and plastered the upper half with Structo-Lite. The lower half of the walls was tileboard. It was white when it arrived so after attaching it to the walls, we taped off the grout with 1/8 inch tape and painted the tiles a buttery color. We then removed the tape and gave it layers of gloss paint (heavier in some areas to age it). This set had three wild walls. The first was adjacent to the sink and the crack was hidden with a copper pipe. The second was in the center and built for “just in case” shots. The third was adjacent to the showers to allow close up side angles in the shower


This set required running water in both the sink and shower so we built a “pool” underneath the set. The pool was hidden under the shower divider and extended around to the outside of the set. It was constructed with 2x4 wood laid flat with a heavy layer of sheet plastic secured to it and a layer of vinyl flooring on top. This was put down before the set walls were so that they could rest on top of the plastic and vinyl for a seamless look. While shooting, the water drained to the back of the pool behind the set and was vacuumed and mopped up between takes. The sink was secured to the wall and drained out of the back of the set into buckets.