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San Diego, CA

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Michelina is a Clairemont local and a High Tech High Alum. Her first teaching experiences were during elementary school helping out in her Mom’s Montessori Kindergarten classroom. Even at a young age, she always enjoyed her time working with the students and classroom materials. Later, she attended San Diego State University and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Film Studies in 2017. She followed her passion by designing and building sets for movies and creating documentaries for change in San Diego and abroad in Cochabamba, Bolivia. After graduation, she worked in the film department teaching undergraduates about designing and building sets. In 2018, she made the decision to pursue a teaching credential through the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. Michelina earned her California Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential and student taught 4th grade and kindergarten at High Tech Elementary Chula Vista. In 2019 she was invited to be a founding Kindergarten Teacher at High Tech Elementary Mesa. She continued her studies and earned her M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning in June, 2020.

As an HTH alum, Michelina is inspired by project-based learning. She feels that it has the power to guide student learning in an organic and meaningful way. Michelina incorporates play into all aspects of learning inside of her classroom. She uses play as a tool to engage students and solidify their learning.S he believes that students need to feel happy and safe in order to be successful learners.  She strives to create a home-like classroom setting where students feel safe to take risks, explore their passions, and grow their minds! She strives to be a culturally-responsive teacher who celebrates student's uniqueness. She cares deeply about students’ families, backgrounds and traditions. 


In her free time, you can find Michelina surfing at the beach, rollerskating, catching fish at the lake, or finding reptiles on a hike! She is a lover of ALL nature, from spiders to leopard sharks and is always snapping pictures of the treasure she finds. She spent four summers lifeguarding and teaching Jr. Lifeguards in Pacific Beach, the ocean is her happy place! She also loves to cook, explore, and spend time with family, friends, and her cat; Cricket and her snake; Happy. 



A little glimpse of me, and my favorite parts of life...


Michelina graduated with honors from San Diego State University receiving her Bachelor of Science in Television, Film and New Media studies. She first became interested in filmmaking during her high school years where she learned about screenwriting, cinematography and editing. She was very passionate about documentary style filmmaking, but when she transitioned into college level classes, she found herself drawn to production design. 


Michelina grew up in a creative environment and spent time drawing and painting. Soon after she took her first design class and learned to hand draft, her film world and art world collided.  She chose to focus her studies on production design and took courses learning to research, design, and build sets. She enjoys the design process, but also loves being an active participant during set builds and getting her hands dirty.

She studied abroad in Cochabamba, Bolivia during her junior year. Where she worked as the cinematography for a documentary about an organization called Tia. Tia is a program working to aid children out of foster care when they turn 18. Michelina was drawn to this type of work and hopes to continue to make films for change. 


She has been hired to design and build sets for graduate and undergraduate films, and has also worked as the production designer on various location films. Her work in the film department at San Diego State earned her an award in “Excellence in Undergraduate Production Design.” Since graduating, she is mastering computer-drafting programs such as Vectorworks and Sketchup, and worked as a studio supervisor at San Diego State University in their film department.

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